Panda Pop: Jelly and Ice Cream for More Lives FTW

Many Panda Pop players want more lives. If there is one in-game resource they need the most, it is getting unlimited lives. There are many items players can use to maximize their puzzle solving abilities. However, more lives means more chance at solving that tough levels.

It’s an easy temptation to use the level cheats to bypass all the hardships of the game. Jelly and Ice Cream for instance translate to more lives. In order to get infinite lives though, using the right online hack is the way to go. Reaching the max level is a goal for many players. Panda Pop is obsessed with number of babies per level when achieving high scores.

Once out of hearts, it is very tough to use the online generator from Panda Pop Hack. This is because purple ball and pink bubbles are not compatible. You must line up the same colored bubbles and burst them open with the right number of pandas per level.

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