Crystals Make the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Go Around

  Getting free crystals seem to be on the agenda of every Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in 2017. This is because the developers of the game has made it harder than ever to obtain crystals and shards, without buying them with real money.

However, let’s not fall under the devious tactics of mobile app company. The best way to get around this is by using Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats. With the right use of cheating program, you can add unlimited crystals to your account instantly.

Using said tools only, however, can be a whole different story. It is recommended your computer be fully secured with anti-virus programs and firewall. Because these tools are ran and made by hackers, it is not officially supported, nor recommended by anyone. It is entirely your risk when you use hacking tools like this.

Besides all the players tired of farming, they also can get drained of Energy fast. Energy is what gives your team the extra edge by being able to unleash special abilities. Jedi mind trick requires a lot of Energy and this can only be gotten through farming.

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