Clash Royale Newbie Tips for Earning More Gold and Gems

Winning a game rewards a player with chests that contain gems, gold and cards. Also, after every four hours players will receive a free chest. The good thing is chests are easy to come by, the only bad thing is you can only have four chests at a time plus there is a waiting period on opening the chests which is a bummer itself. There are four kinds of the chests which includes a crown chest, silver chest, gold chest, and the rare Super Magical Chest all of which have a time limit of their own. It would be nice to have a Clash Royale cheats to use them immediately.

Like Clash Of Clans, a clan option is also available so that players can interact with other. The good thing about clans is that players can trade with other players and buy cards on the clan store using gold. Waiting for chests to open is a real pain due to long wait time. However, players are given the option to use gems to speed up the process in exchange for real money. That itself is a big problem for players who do not have the funds to use real cash purchases. Gold and gems are the major resources in the game. Gems are used to buy premium items in the in-game store which includes a Fistful of Gems for $1.49, Pouch of Gems for $7.49, Bucket of Gems for $14.99, Barrel of Gems for $ 29.99, Mountain of Gems for $149.99, and a Wagon of Gems for $74.99. This is why the Clash Royale hack is very important. It can provide free gems without even spending a penny for items.

The Clash Royale gem hack is a big boost for player avoiding to pay with money on a game. It is safe to use and very simple to understand. With a friendly graphical user interface in play, players can have free gems and free gold with just a click of a button. The Clash Royale app cheats work perfectly for both Android and iOS device without ever needing a root or jailbreak procedure. It is guaranteed to be effective and 100% safe with no viruses or spam ads embedded. Cheats for Clash Royale makes playing and enjoying the game easier. No more need to grind the game wasting a lot of time just to inch closer into having a sufficient amount of resources. Let’s play Clash Royale now and knock them Kings of the tower.

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