Panda Pop: Jelly and Ice Cream for More Lives FTW

Many Panda Pop players want more lives. If there is one in-game resource they need the most, it is getting unlimited lives. There are many items players can use to maximize their puzzle solving abilities. However, more lives means more chance at solving that tough levels. It’s an easy temptation to use the level cheats […]

Crystals Make the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Go Around

  Getting free crystals seem to be on the agenda of every Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in 2017. This is because the developers of the game has made it harder than ever to obtain crystals and shards, without buying them with real money. However, let’s not fall under the devious tactics of mobile app […]

Pokemon Go Strongest Pokemon

Pokemon having hidden stats and element types, their fighting strengths are also determined by other in-depth details such as the disposal moves. One would precisely expect the strongest in their team. Pokemon Go moves are of specific type in the world, strength and weaknesses factors will do damage against a Pokemon fire water move than […]

Getting More Loots in Dungeon Boss Easily

Despite it being an RPG, you still have a home to come back to. But it’s not just any ordinary home, you’re also keeping your valuables in this little abode of yours. Due to the value of loot in Dungeon Boss, players won’t think twice of raiding your home to steal your loot. This brings […]

Clash Royale Newbie Tips for Earning More Gold and Gems

Winning a game rewards a player with chests that contain gems, gold and cards. Also, after every four hours players will receive a free chest. The good thing is chests are easy to come by, the only bad thing is you can only have four chests at a time plus there is a waiting period […]

Getting Free Coins in Virtual Families 2

Coins are the only resource used in buying items for your little person in the game of Virtual Families 2. Players can acquire coins through playing but usually takes a long time to save a big amount. So if you are in desperate need of money in Virtual Families 2, why not buy them from […]

Easy Sudoku puzzles for beginners that are printable for free

Sudoku is a game where all you need is a pen and paper. It is very fun to play and a good way to kill time. With the advent of technology, it’s a good thing that the game hasn’t changed much, but has only improved. It is still widely played around the world and there […]